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Our ear, nose and throat specialists will always try to treat any sinus disorders in the most appropriate, conservative and cost-effective manner possible. However, when sinus infections are recurrent or non-responsive to medication, surgical intervention may be necessary. Here, the procedure is focused on eliminating the infection and enlarging the sinus openings to provide for better future ventilation and drainage.

A thorough clinical history and examination is mandatory before any surgery is performed. A diagnostic workup is essential which may include fiberoptic visualization of the nasal chambers and sinus openings (fiberoptic nasal sinus endoscopy). Allergy testing is frequently performed since many patients who suffer from chronic sinus problems also demonstrate significant allergic symptoms. Finally, a Sinus CAT scan (without contrast) will reveal the radiological health of the nose and sinuses: specifically, revealing the presence of polyps (swollen tissue) which harbor infection, as well as the patency of the openings of the various sinus passages. Our physicians are able to perform these procedures in the office, frequently on the same day as your appointment.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)

The popularity of the rigid nasal endoscope (a very thin fiberoptic tube) has revolutionized sinus surgery. FESS involves the insertion of the endoscope into the nose for direct visualization of the sinus openings. With state-of-the-art instruments, abnormal and obstructive tissues are removed entirely through the nostrils. Compared to previous traditional procedures, FESS is less destructive with preservation of normal tissues. The procedure is commonly performed as an outpatient since there is often minimal swelling and mild discomfort.

Image guided surgery

Where patients have previously undergone sinus surgery or in the presence of extensive disease, our physicians are experts in the use of image guidance when performing FESS. Image guidance is a three-dimensional mapping system that integrates CT scans with real-time information about the exact position of surgical instruments. In this way, we are able to navigate our surgical instruments through complex sinus passages to provide precise surgical relief.

For relief of your sinus problems, please contact any of our offices to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified ear, nose and throat specialists.


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